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Your Donations Make A Difference…

Every day lives are changed and people are helped.

We are blessed each and every day to see the loving grace of Jesus Christ firsthand.  Recently we had the opportunity to help a gentleman named Greg.  Read his story as told by Pat McDaniel, our client and partner services officer, and see the difference you are making in your community.


“Greg came to Hill Country Daily Bread Ministries after going to a job interview.  Greg saw Chris and Kim (warehouse team) trying to move pallets and said he’d like to help them and then sit with me for an interview later.   I introduced him to our volunteer coordinator and got him signed in.   

Greg came to my office with his Family Information Form filled out.   Greg told me he was out of work and would like to apply for help As we started our interview, I told him we were a ministry to help families in crisis and that he would be matched with a volunteer to take his food box to him but that volunteer would be a Family Mentor from a partner church. Greg had tears in his eyes.  He said he’s felt down for so long that he just can’t believe there are people like this out here.  “People like what”, I asked.

He just shook his head.  There was a silent moment.

I asked Greg,   “Greg are you a Christian?”  He said, “yes Ma’am I am”.  “But I have been down for so long that I was forgetting thatGod is always faithful”.  “He directed me here today.”   Then Greg asked, “it must be great to be you. ”  “you get to come here and give people like me hope”.


Greg was diabetic and said he’d been without insulin for ‘a long time’.   We gave him resources for medical clinics and a food box.  Greg wanted to stay and help out during distribution. That was a day that it rained and he stayed to help Kim and Chris close up after distribution and drove off on his motorcycle.   Greg came back for several days in between job fairs and interviews to help in the warehouse.


 We had an opportunity to introduce him to  an area Pastor that was at HCDBM one day while he was volunteering..The pastor spoke with Greg and  told him that he would pray for him and may have some job connections. The Pastor knew Greg needed to get his insulin supply before he could hold a job and made some phone calls and helped get Greg his meds that day. Greg came to my office and told me that he felt so blessed to see God opening doors for him!.”


About 3 weeks passed and Greg stopped by to tell me that he’d just been hired by a company to move trucks from Laredo to north Texas.  He told me that he was able to pass the physical because he had been on his meds for about 2 weeks.   He had tears in his eyes.  Greg told us that he was going to share with everyone he came in contact with of what God is doing in  his life and through God’s people at HCDBM .  He also said he would stop by and check in to help when he was in town.”

God is faithful!  Lives are being changed each day because of the commitment you have made to families and individuals in your community that are in crisis. God Bless you all.