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Student Mentoring


StandByMe was created in 2006 to support at-risk youth in our community in search of support, guidance and God’s love.

Our mission is to help transform the lives of Texas Hill Country kids through 101 Christian mentoring relationships.


Students living in poverty and crisis in the Texas Hill Country face many challenges. Some are grappling with relationships, often making poor choices of who they associate with. They feel lonely, forgotten, and misunderstood. They often believe that God couldn’t possibly care about who they are, let alone love them as they are.

Their families are distracted as they strive to make ends meet and recognize that their children are struggling as well. Their children are not thriving spiritually, emotionally, or educationally simply because the family is in crisis. Together, families and kids are asking for mentors to come and walk alongside them.



A StandByMe mentor is a Christian man or woman from the area that are willing to spend time with a student that needs a role model, a friend, or someone to talk to. A mentor is another person in their life that will tell them that they are proud of them and that they are loved.

Our mentors are ordinary people that have taken time to go through a selective screening process. There is nothing special about them except that they love Jesus and desire for kids in the community to know and love Jesus well.


StandByMe is a mentoring program that WORKS by matching a Christian adult with a student who has asked for a mentor. StandByMe has an incredible track record of success as we have seen God transform the lives of the students and the mentors alike! A unique aspect of SBM is that families of the children in SBM, benefit from all the resources of HCDBM Family Mentoring Ministry. We believe that when our families are strong, so are the kids!

StandByMe students are being transformed:

  • Spiritually – They are learning through weekly conversations with their mentor that God loves them and has a unique purpose for their lives
  • Educationally – Through increased accountability, their grades and school attendance are improving
  • Emotionally – They are developing lasting friendships as they open their hearts to trust and love their mentors

We hold firmly to a 6 pillar framework that leads to successful mentoring:

  • Case Management – Ongoing match support and training of Mentors
  • Summer Camp – Christian camp opportunities for Mentees
  • Summer Leadership Academy – A Summer program teaching leadership skills
  • Enrichment – Life skill opportunities for matches
  • Celebrations – Mentor and Mentee recognition and appreciation events
  • Family Support- Strong families, strong kids! Families are eligible for HCDBM Family Mentoring Resources

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