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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  When is HCDBM open?

A:  Monday thru Friday, 9:00am – 3:00pm

Q:  Can I make arrangements to bring a group to volunteer during times other than general operating hours?

A:  Yes, arrangements can be made for groups to volunteer outside general operating hours such as evenings and weekends.

Q:  If I volunteer with you, what will I be doing?

A:  Volunteers are interviewed and matched with a variety of tasks based on available times and interests. A volunteer could be sorting food and clothing, packing boxes, or helping with a variety of other program related functions.Each ministry under the HCDBM umbrella has specific volunteer needs.

Q:  How do I get started to be a volunteer?

A:  Come by our campus at 38 Cascade Caverns Rd and complete a volunteer registration form.  Or fill out our Volunteer Form online.

Q:  How do I “Adopt a Family ?”

A:  To begin the process  send in a filled out volunteer application or call our Volunteer Dept. and tell them about your interest. You will be called in for an interview with the Client and Partner Services Dept. to discuss the requirements.

Q:  Where do you get your food and other products?

A:  We receive most of our food and products from partner organizations including the San Antonio Food Bank, Operation Blessing, HEB, and Wal-Mart to name a few. We are grateful that several local groups also conduct food drives for us throughout the year.

Q:  Are all the boxes packed the same?

A:  Yes, all boxes are packed with the same products and items.  However, we do pack sugar-free boxes for diabetic clients.

Q:  Do you have fresh produce ?

A:  Yes, we do have fresh produce. The San Antonio Daily Bread donates a truckload of fresh produce each week. We include a variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables in each  box every week.

Q:  How many families do you serve?

A:  In 2010, we served over 2,800 families (over 8,200 individuals) through our church partners, ministries, and affiliated agencies.

Q:  Where are the 2,800 families located?

A:  Our eight county service area includes Bandera, Comal, Gillespie, Kendall, Kerr, Medina, Northern Bexar, and Uvalde.

Q:  How many churches, ministries, and groups are you partnered with?

A:  We have 170 church partners,non profit agencies and schools that we are privileged to work with.

Q:  Do you take product donations from the community?

A:  Certainly – we love groups to help us defray costs by donating food and other products. Nonperishable food drives and diaper drives are popular.