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Methodist Healthcare Ministries Charity Navigator - 4 Start

Board of Directors & Staff

HCDBM Board of Directors

President Dwaine Rivers
Vice-President Agnes Hubbard
Secretary / Treasurer Meg Grier
Member Bill Fisher
Member Curtis Bissonnette
Member Robert H. Cooper


Executive Director Agnes Hubbard agnes.hubbard@hillcountrydailybread.org
Executive Assistant Tobey Mata tobey.mata@hillcountrydailybread.org
Finance Director Kerry Lischka kerry.lischka@hillcountrydailybread.org
Finance Assistant Jeana Brown jeana.brown@hillcountrydailybread.org
Communications & Community Relations Director Claudia Lay claudia.lay@hillcountrydailybread.org
Donor Development Director Bonnie Finley bonnie.finley@hillcountrydailybread.org
Community Resource & Auction Manager Debi Watson debi.watson@hillcountrydailybread.org
Community Resource Coordinator Jen Fairchild jen.fairchild@hillcountrydailybread.org
Donor Development Officer Melissa Guerrero melissa.guerrero@hillcountrydailybread.org
Donor Development Administrative Associate Vacant
Director of Mentoring Ministries Roger Gonzales roger.gonzales@hillcountrydailybread.org
Family Mentoring Resource Program Director Aaron Powers aaron.powers@hillcountrydailybread.org
Family Mentoring Resource Program Partner Support Specialist Fernando Charles fernando.charles@hillcountrydailybread.org
Mentoring Ministries Administrative Assistant Eugenia Smock eugenia.smock@hillcountrydailybread.org
Family Mentoring Resource Program Case Manager Marco Ford marco.ford@hillcountrydailybread.org
Family Mentoring Resource Program Case Manager Sandra Collins sandra.collins@hillcountrydailybread.org
Family Mentoring Resource Program Case Manager Tatiana Freire tatiana.freire@hillcountrydailybread.org
Tiffany Fleming tiffany.fleming@hillcountrydailybread.org
Information Technology Manager Jeff Presson jeff.presson@hillcountrydailybread.org
Stand By Me Student Mentoring Director Alexis Perez alexis.perez@hillcountrydailybread.org
Stand By Me Mentoring Senior Case Manager Jovan Salazar jovan.salazar@hillcountrydailybread.org
Stand By Me Middle School Mentoring Specialist Vacant
Stand By Me Elementary School Mentoring Specialist Vacant
Stand By Me High School Mentoring Specialist Vacant
Stand By Me Student Mentoring Support Staff Miguel Martinez miguel.martinez@hillcountrydailybread.org
Stand By Me Student Mentoring Case Manager Jennifer Pease jennifer.pease@hillcountrydailybread.org
Strategic Partnership Director Paul Giguere paul.giguere@hillcountrydailybread.org
Volunteerism & Guest Experience Direcrtor Mary Sue Hurdt marysue.hurdt@hillcountrydailybread.org
Front Desk Ministry Associate Janie Trevino janie.trevino@hillcountrydailybread.org
Warehouse Operations Distribution Manager Stacy Rapp stacy.rapp@hillcountrydailybread.org
Warehouse Operations Receivables Manager Randy Merritt randy.merritt@hillcountrydailybread.org
Facilities Manager Carl Behrendt carl.behrendt@hillcountrydailybread.org
Warehouse Associate Dan Downey dan.downey@hillcountrydailybread.org