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Methodist Healthcare Ministries Charity Navigator - 4 Start

Board of Directors & Staff

HCDBM Board of Directors

President Dwaine Rivers
Vice-President Agnes Hubbard
 Secretary / Treasurer Meg Grier
 Member Les Huffman
Member Curtis Bissonnette


Executive Director Agnes Hubbard agnes.hubbard@hillcountrydailybread.org
Executive Assistant Liz Young liz.young@hillcountrydailybread.org
Finance Director Kerry Lischka kerry.lischka@hillcountrydailybread.org
Finance Assistant Dian Pope dian.pope@hillcountrydailybread.org
Information Technology Jeff Presson jeff.presson@hillcountrydailybread.org
Donor Development Project & Event Administrator Mary Sue Hurdt marysue.hurdt@hillcountrydailybread.org
Grant Manager Allison Peterson allison.peterson@hillcountrydailybread.org
Front Desk Ministry Service Assoc. Meridith Durst meridith.durst@hillcountrydailybread.org
Client & Partner Sevices Director Fernando Charles fernando.charles@hillcountrydailybread.org
Client Case Manager Carolina Welch carolina.welch@hillcountrydailybread.org
Client Case Manager Eugenia Smock eugenia.smock@hillcountrydailybread.org
Data Support Specialist Ester Gonzalez ester.gonzalez@hillcountrydailybread.org
Director of Church Development Pat McDaniel pat.mcdaniel@hillcountrydailybread.org
Community Partner Outreach Coordinator Debi Watson debi.watson@hillcountrydailybread.org
Director of Mentoring Ministries Roger Gonzales roger.gonzales@hillcountrydailybread.org
Stand By Me Mentoring Senior Case Manager Jovan Salazar jovan.salazar@hillcountrydailybread.org
Stand By Me Mentoring Case Manager Megan Giles megan.giles@hillcountrydailybread.org
Stand By Me Mentoring Case Manager Jacob Chesser jacob.chesser@hillcountrydailybread.org
Director of Volunteerism & Guest Experience Teresa Moen teresa.moen@hillcountrydailybread.org
Community & Client Inventory Manager Stacy Rapp stacy.rapp@hillcountrydailybread.org
Warehouse Coordinator Pedro Aguila pedro.aguila@hillcountrydailybread.org
Warehouse Coordinator Randy Merritt randy.merritt@hillcountrydailybread.org
Warehouse Coordinator Carl Behrendt carl.behrendt@hillcountrydailybread.org