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Board of Directors & Staff

HCDBM Board of Directors

President David Hubbard
Vice-President Agnes Hubbard
 Secretary / Treasurer Meg Grier
 Member Duke Jonietz
 Member Dwaine Rivers
 Member Les Huffman



Warehouse Director David Hubbard dgh342@reagan.com
Executive Director Agnes Hubbard Agnes.hubbard@hillcountrydailybread.org
Capital Campaign Manager Ami Cheek ami.cheek@hillcountrydailybread.org
Director of Finance Cheryl Carroll finance@hillcountrydailybread.org
Finance/HR Manager Kerry Lischka finance@hillcountrydailybread.org
Finance Assistant Samantha Carroll finance@hillcountrydailybread.org
Information Technology Jeff Presson technology@hillcountrydailybread.org
Development Director  Bonnie Finley bonnie.finley@hillcountrydailybread.org
Donor Relations & Event Coordinator Maggie Ivins maggie.ivins@hillcountrydailybread.org
Grants Manager Irene Stone irene.stone@hillcountrydailybread.org
Client & Partner Services Director Pat McDaniel pat.mcdaniel@hillcountrydailybread.org
Client & Partner Services Assistant Liz Porter clientservices@hillcountrydailybread.org
Client Case Manager Lulu Ottaviani lulu.ottaviani@hillcountrydailybread.org
Client Case Manager Tony Roberts tony.roberts@hillcountrydailybread.org
Director of Stand By Me Dianne Benac dianne.benac@hillcountrydailybread.org
Assistant Director of Stand By Me  Roger Gonzales roger.gonzales@hillcountrydailybread.org
Stand By Me Match Coordinator
Sara Williams sara.williams@hillcountrydailybread.org
Stand By Me Director of Programs Sunnee Collen sunnee.collen@hillcountrydailybread.org
Community Connections Director Cindy Ricketts cindy.ricketts@hillcountrydailybread.org
Warehouse Operations Manager Kim Hodge warehouse@hillcountrydailybread.org
Community & Client Resource Assistant Rachel Guajardo rachel.guajardo@hillcountrydailybread.org
Community & Client Inventory Manager Amanda Asher amanda.asher@hillcountrydailybread.org
Volunteer Development Coordinator Brittany Livingston brittany.livingston@hillcountrydailybread.org
Warehouse Assistant Charrisse Readel warehouse@hillcountrydailybread.org
Warehouse Assistant Randy Merritt randy.merritt@hillcountrydailybread.org

Volunteer Staff

Capital Campaign Building Committee Manager Les Huffman
Clothing Room Coordinator
Kingdom Kids Coordinator Vivian Kaeppel
Birthday in a Bag Coordinator June Cheek
Easter Basket Program Coordinator
Christmas Gift Program Coordinator Amy Pankratz